Keep Your Vehicle Secure

We offer car storage services at our Austin, TX facility

Was your car left disabled after an accident? Have mechanical issues left your vehicle undrivable? If you have nowhere to leave your car, trust Texas First Towing. Our auto storage facility in Austin, TX is gated and can keep your car safe while in our possession. We can keep your car while you wait on your insurance company to assess the damage and schedule repairs. When you're ready to pick up your vehicle, you must schedule a time with our team.

Find car storage for your vehicle. Call 737-262-4568 to set up service.

5 things to consider while storing your vehicle

When you use Texas First Towing for car storage, it's best not to let your vehicle sit for too long. Extended sitting can lead to:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Engine oil contamination
  • Tire dry rot
  • Battery drainage
  • Moisture accumulation in the gas tank

We recommend working with your insurance company and scheduling the necessary repairs within a couple of weeks. Contact our auto storage facility today to arrange for service.